What Makes a Successful Onboarding Program?

Onboarding Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Create an Onboarding Checklist for Every Role

  • The day-one checklist can include a quick meeting with HR, an introduction to the team, and a simple assignment so employees can jump in headfirst.
  • The week-one checklist might include an end-of-week check-in, ensuring the employee is set up with the right software and equipment, and introducing the new hire to processes they’ll be using.
  • 30-, 60-, and 90-day checklists may include meetings with a mentor, a new-hire performance review, and completing a project.

Take Advantage of Onboarding Software

  • An employee self-service portal so new hires can access the documents and resources they need at any time
  • Device and equipment management so HR and IT teams can track employee equipment effortlessly
  • Electronic completion and storage of all forms and documents, including background checks, 1–9s, and tax documents
  • Intelligent forms with autofill for faster form completion
  • Bulk onboarding so HR can quickly onboard large groups of new hires
  • Automated notifications to keep the onboarding process on track
  • Analytics to assist with evaluating the quality of new hires

Get Employees’ Insights

  • Did you feel prepared to start your first day (equipment delivered and set up, email account activated, meeting set with hiring manager)?
  • Did you feel your onboarding program was too long, too short, or just right?
  • How was your experience with the onboarding software?



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Meredith Wholley

Meredith Wholley


As a Digital Marketing and Events Manager for ClearCompany, Meredith coordinates best-practice content and brand-awareness events with HR practitioners.