Tools To Recruit and Retain Remote Talent

1. An Applicant Tracking System

  • Engage and source passive candidates to widen your talent pool
  • Manage, streamline, and report on all of your recruiting channels
  • Provide the best candidate experience available
  • Multilingual capabilities to attract diverse candidates
  • Automate interview scheduling

2. A Digital Onboarding Platform

  • Helps ensure new hire compliance
  • Provide the necessary tools and information for your employee to succeed
  • Introduce new hires to their team
  • Consolidate and track necessary paperwork
  • Create a clear plan for success

3. Social + Collaborative Tools

  • A reflection of your company culture
  • Instant messaging
  • Employee recognition and kudos
  • Ability to insert gifs, documents, and photos
  • Mobile optimization

4. A Performance Management Platform

  • Goal tracking
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Real-time feedback
  • Employee recognition tools
  • 360 reviews



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