The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion

1. Take Diversity Past the Sourcing Stage

2. Build An Equitable Playing Field

3. Train Your Employees

4. Expand Your Talent Pool

  • Run your jobs through software programs that are built to remove sexist and otherwise exclusionary or discouraging language.
  • Put inclusive language in your company signatures, and link it to your policy regarding safe spaces for employees. For example, referring to your preferred pronouns in your email signature can signal to the LGBTQ+ community that inclusivity is a way of life at your organization.
  • How many languages do you hire in? Contrast that with how many positions you have open and the languages that exist within your company. Do you need to offer more options? Ensure your job postings and recruitment efforts reach the broadest audience possible.

5. Update Your Language

6. Build Diverse Groups



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