Performance Review Goals Examples for Employees and Managers in 2022

What Makes Measurable Goals So Important At Work?

  • Gives every employee concrete objectives to work toward
  • Presents a clear vision for what individuals and teams will accomplish
  • Provides a framework for measuring performance, recognizing achievements, and giving promotions
  • Keeps employees and managers engaged, on-task, and accountable
  • Promotes employee development and retention
  • Boosts productivity, motivation, and morale

Trending Performance Review Goals Examples

  • S — Specific
  • M — Measurable
  • A — Achievable
  • R — Relevant
  • T — Time-bound or timely

1. Technical Literacy Goals

  • Sales team members: Complete training courses when the customer relationship management (CRM) software releases new features.
  • HR leaders: Use performance management software to create a new report for managers showing their team members’ performance review scores over the past year.
  • Warehouse managers: Implement a new inventory management system and train warehouse staff who will be using it.

2. Certification, Training, and Professional Development Goals

  • HR professionals: Earn SHRM or PHR certifications — or both — by the end of 2022.
  • Digital marketing teams: Earn Google Analytics certification or attend two digital marketing conferences in 2022.
  • Company executives: Earn an advanced degree or work with a professional diversity, equity, and inclusion coach in 2022.
  • Marketing team members: Set up a monthly meeting with customer service teams to gain a better understanding of customer needs and pain points.
  • Customer service employees: Work with the sales team to establish aligned messaging when addressing common questions, complaints, and other customer needs.
  • Software engineering teams: Meet with customer-facing departments bi-monthly to ensure customer needs are the focus of new features and software updates.
  • Finance departments: Collaborate with HR teams for impactful workforce planning, including headcount forecasting and creating a budget.

4. Efficiency Goals

  • Department heads: Identify your team members’ strengths and delegate tasks according to their expertise.
  • Foodservice managers: Give employees an assigned station for their shift, reducing the number of tasks each employee performs and decreasing mistakes.
  • Customer service leaders: Reach a 95% resolution rate for the team on customer support tickets (effectiveness of resolutions vs. number of tickets closed goal).

5. Critical Thinking Goals

  • Explain the various processes your team uses in very simple terms.
  • Create a report or gather evidence to support suggestions for process changes.
  • Gather and use employee feedback to make all-staff company meetings more engaging and beneficial to every team.

6. Project Management or Completion Goals

  • Construction project managers: Complete three highway resurfacing projects on schedule during Q3.
  • HR executives: Implement a new onboarding process in Q1 and gather new employee feedback to gauge its effectiveness.



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Meredith Wholley

Meredith Wholley

As a Digital Marketing and Events Manager for ClearCompany, Meredith coordinates best-practice content and brand-awareness events with HR practitioners.