In-Context Analytics: What They Are and Why You Need Them

The Power of Analytics

  • Important metrics are overlooked, while focus is placed on metrics that aren’t as relevant to performance
  • Business strategy is designed around metrics that aren’t telling the full story.
  • Setting and measuring goals becomes more challenging when they’re set to data that is not relevant to unique business needs

People Analytics Today

So, It is Possible

  • Goal Breakdown: By incorporating people analytics into talent strategy, companies can better identify employees that are capable of helping them achieve their goals. Managers and executives can also see how each goal is broken down into actionable components, who is responsible for each action and how the worker has prioritized the action.
  • Risks and Dependencies: With a talent management platform, leaders can make more informed business decisions backed by their own people data. They can easily understand the projects and workers that key goals are depending on, identify risks and allocate resources in a far more efficient and effective manner.
  • Real-Time Progress Monitoring: Each moving part, on all levels of an organization, will have their unique goals that work together. Leaders are given a bird’s eye view of this machine in order to organize and monitor progress in real-time. With data and insights available in real-time, management is better equipped to discover issues and put solutions into action.
  • Visual Tools: Through people analytics, leaders get a more holistic vision of what works and why it works. By implementing a talent management platform, leaders can see the organization from a macro level and connect with the overall strategy via visual tools and dashboards.



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Meredith Wholley

Meredith Wholley

As a Digital Marketing and Events Manager for ClearCompany, Meredith coordinates best-practice content and brand-awareness events with HR practitioners.