How to Use Employee Performance Reviews to Develop A Players

Build a Performance Review Structure

  • Gather and review their previous performance documents. Reviewing past performance discussions provides benchmarks for employee development. Read their past self-assessment documents and goals to determine their progress (or lack of progress). This also gives insight into their overall contribution to the business’s goals. Take note of any areas of struggle or outstanding performance. It’s easy to review previous performance evaluations when you use performance management software. PM software keeps an accessible, thorough record of performance that makes it easy to spot trends and monitor progress.
  • Determine new goals and objectives. Once you have reviewed previous performance records, you can come up with goals and objectives for the next performance review. Have a few in mind, and then work with each employee to determine new short- and long-term goals during their review. Goals should be focused on how each employee can use their core competencies to contribute to business goals. Some objectives should also aim for improvements to core competencies and the development of new skills.
  • Create an agenda and rehearse. In your agenda, be sure to include any follow-up comments relating to their previous reviews and past goals. Allot some time during the performance appraisal for employees to reflect on their own progress, address concerns, and discuss action items. Rehearsing is an effective way to prepare yourself for the conversation and ensure you cover everything. Share the agenda with the reviewee as well so they know what to expect.

Employee Coaching to Develop A Players

Follow Up With Feedback

  • Clear individual goals that align with company goals eliminate confusion around why employee goals are necessary and how they contribute to business success.
  • Specific, timely feedback helps employees see where they stand and better identify their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Employee coaching creates a clear path for improvement, professional development, and success for every worker.
  • Positive reinforcement and recognition ensure that employees feel appreciated, instead of wondering whether they’re doing a good job.



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