Here’s What We’ve Learned From Our First Two Weeks Working From Home

How Are You Ensuring Business Continuity?

  • Slack
  • Zoom/GoToMeeting
  • G Suite
  • Trello/Monday/Cloud Coach
  • Aha
  • Confluence

How Are You Keeping Teammates Engaged?

  • Virtual Team Coffee Breaks or Happy Hours — come with a beverage of snack of your choice and chat about your day.
  • Company Cribs — we are all probably seeing more of one another’s living space than is typical, why not expand it to a complete tour! Interested employees can volunteer to give coworkers a fun tour of their spaces.
  • Pet Planet — animal lovers are working alongside our pets and want to see more of our coworkers’ furry (or scaly!) family than just the occasional pup traipsing through a meeting!
  • Virtual Dance Party/Dance Class — we are lucky to have quite a few multi-talented ClearCompany-ers on staff! HR Business Partner Savannah also owns a dance studio and has volunteered to get us all moving one evening next week. Pro tip — this is one place where sharing video is not expected.
  • Kiddo Korner — with schools closing, parents of children of all ages are looking for ways to keep their youngest family members engaged. Opening a video conference line and letting the little ones interact, show off art projects, etc. for a bit can be a nice break for everyone.

What Have Been Some Unexpected Challenges?

What Do You Think is the Most Important Thing To Do Right Now?

How Are You Staying Connected Despite Long Distance?

What Do You Recommend For People Unfamiliar with Working From Home?



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Meredith Wholley

Meredith Wholley


As a Digital Marketing and Events Manager for ClearCompany, Meredith coordinates best-practice content and brand-awareness events with HR practitioners.