Employee Review Questions to Ask During Performance Reviews

Ask Review Questions to Solicit Feedback

  • What’s one key strength you think I should leverage more in my role?
  • What’s one thing I can do to help us be more effective in reaching our goals?
  • What’s one thing you liked and one thing you thought could be improved?
  • What’s one thing I can do to better support you in your role?
  • Name one thing we can do to make our meetings more efficient.
  • What’s the one thing you like most about your job? What’s the one thing you like least?

Questions to Gauge and Establish Alignment

  • Can you explain to me what you believe the company goals, vision, and strategy are?
  • Do you understand your personal role in the company goals, vision, and strategy?
  • What are your personal and/or professional goals?
  • What are your strongest motivators to come to work every day?
  • Name some things that make you feel less motivated about your position.
  • Do you understand why we use the processes and practices in place?
  • What would you change about those processes and practices?

More On Performance Management Software

  • Employees complain about your current performance system or process
  • Your HR team spends a lot of time organizing performance paperwork and knocking on doors to track down completed reviews
  • You have a manual process that involves printed documents and excel spreadsheets
  • You’re experiencing low employee engagement and/or high turnover rates
  • Too many employees miss goals, deadlines or cannot consistently meet KPIs
  • You are concerned that your current process leaves room for risk when deciding on promotions, compensation plans, or terminating an employee

Look for a Performance Management System That Offers:

  • Traditional Reviews
  • Peer & 360 Reviews
  • Time-based Reviews
  • Completion Tracking
  • Fully Customizable
  • Continuous Performance Tracking
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Employee-Friendly
  • Quality of Hire
  • Predictive Performance
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • 9-Box Reporting
  • Employee Development

Performance Management Key Features Include:



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Meredith Wholley

Meredith Wholley

As a Digital Marketing and Events Manager for ClearCompany, Meredith coordinates best-practice content and brand-awareness events with HR practitioners.