Creating An Inclusive Employee Experience For Women

Your employee experience matters. Providing an excellent experience for your workforce will help you to retain your A Players, will create a culture of engagement and productivity, and will help you to reduce your turnover rate. In many organizations, female employees still face significant barriers to growth and lack the resources and support they need to become the leaders they want to be. With focused initiatives and strong processes set in place, leaders can create a positive employee experience for all — including their female employees. Below are three things you can do to ensure your recruiting, hiring, and employment practices create a positive workplace culture for everyone.

1. Review Your Job Postings

Did you know that women typically will only apply for a position if they meet all of the listed criteria, whereas men will apply after meeting only half? While some of this difference can be attributed to the fact that women are generally more selective in their job search, the main issue lies in the psychology behind your job postings. The words you use to describe daily responsibilities and key traits might be what keeps more women from applying for an open position.

2. Identify Potential Leaders

Your female workers are ambitious, skilled, and ready to take on leadership roles. Societal norms have been in place for ages, telling us that ambition is more of a man’s trait and that women who display this same level of grit or determination are harder to find. In 2021, it’s time to put this old notion to rest.

3. Provide A Platform for Them To Grow

Women sometimes lack sufficient resources, support, and opportunities to advance their professional careers. Recently, studies have shed light on why women may not receive the same advancement opportunities and development programs as men. The problem is two-fold:

  1. Women often lack strong mentorship or sponsorship within executive leadership.

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